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Alvin Teng of Formosan Brothers Lectured at Chinese Land Professionals Training Center


When a regular public receives a notice of tax investigation from a taxation agency, it is common to feel stressed. However, if one can be familiar with the knowledge of the investigation procedure beforehand, it will greatly reduce the stress from the unknown.

In this respect, Alvin Teng, the Associate Partner of Formosan Brothers and a CPA, gave a lecture at the Chinese Land Professionals Training Center on Oct. 23, 2020, to help the audience understand more about tax investigation. During the lecture, He made references to his book, “Tax Investigation – the Must-knows of Tax Investigation,” to introduce the must-know foundational knowledge regarding tax investigation such as “procedure,” “rights,” and “relief” and the possible resolutions relevant to such issues. Through practical examples, he analyzed the key elements of the tax investigation that the audience needs to pay extra attention to and equipped them with sufficient knowledge when encountering tax investigation.

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