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Legal Practice Analysis Notes Prepared by Formosan Brothers was Selected by Top International Legal Journal


International Comparative Legal Guides (ICLG) is a leading specialist publisher of international legal publications based in London, UK. Each year from a total of 192 jurisdictions around the world, the ICLG selects and publishes the latest cross-border legal practice analysis guide and issues related to industrial technology. For the long run, the journal is relied upon by more than 1500 of the world’s leading law firms as well as numerous clients across the globe.

This year, Formosan Brothers is pleased to announce that two legal practice analysis notes written by our colleagues have been selected and published by ICLG!

The first is authored by Yvonne Lin (Director and Managing Partner), Jessie Lee (Managing Partner), Yowlun Su (Senior Partner) and Tim Tsai (Senior Associate). The theme is about Drug & Medical Device Litigation in Taiwan. Under the Taiwan regulatory framework, it covers the comprehensive issues occurred within the drug and medical industry – from R&D (Manufacturing, Clinical Trials and Compassionate Use Programmes, Data Privacy and NDA), business transactions (licensing agreements, M&A), to Market (Advertising, Promotion and Sales, Product Recalls), as well as Litigation and Dispute Resolution.   

The second is authored by Li-Pu Lee (CEO and Managing Partner) and Szu-Shian Lu (Associate Partner), experienced attorneys in cross-border legal practices. The theme is the extraterritorial effect of a foreign judgment. Under the laws of Taiwan, it first identifies the conceptual distinction between recognition and enforcement. The authors, from a procedural perspective, clearly explain how to enforce a foreign judgment by a foreign creditor within the territory of Taiwan and the nuances that the foreigner should be aware of. In an era of economic and financial globalization on asset return comovements, while foreign judgments are generally recognizable under the laws of Taiwan, it is advisable that anyone seeking to recognize and enforce a foreign judgment in Taiwan should be aware of the conformity of the process of service.

Please refer to the following links for full text of the above-mentioned Analysis Notes: 
1. Yvonne Lin, Jessie Lee, Yowlun Su & Tim Tsai, Drug & Medical Device Litigation in Taiwan,
2. Li-Pu Lee & Szu-Shian Lu, Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Laws and Regulations in Taiwan,

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