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In addition to general legal consultation, Formosan Brothersalso assist clients with drafting articles of incorporation and company by-law, stock listing, securities issuance, capitalization and financing, mergers and acquisitions, takeover strategy, takeover defense, spin-off, franchising, joint ventures, reorganization, liquidation, and bankruptcy.

We also assist with the administration of shareholders’ meetings and board meetings, and help strategize to protect the interest of companies, directors, and shareholders.

With respect to M&A, we are a trusted legal advisor, regularly engaging in domestic and transnational mergers, spin-offs, asset acquisitions, joint ventures, and business transfers.  Our clientele encompasses domestic and international financial institutions, investment banks, steel companies, semiconductor manufacturers, high-tech companies, medical equipment companies, and power suppliers. On a global scale, we are experienced with cross-border mergers of financial institutions and energy companies.

Over the years, we have participated in research projects commissioned by various committees under the Executive Yuan and contributed to the drafting of relevant legislations.  Of note:

  • The “Privatization of Public Enterprise through Share Swaps-a Case Study of the Taiwan Sugar Corporation”;
  • “Integrated Legislative Framework for Corporate Restructuring and Bankruptcy” by the Council for Economic Planning and Development;
  • “Review of Legislations Governing Different Types of Mergers of Financial Institutions” by the Banking Bureau of Financial Supervisory Commission; and
  • “Bank Loans Collection Practice” by the Central Deposit Insurance Company.

Our continued involvement highlights our contribution to legislative development and the government’s recognition of our expertise.


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