Formosan Brothers

Formosan Brothers is a premier litigation firm in Taiwan with a proven track record handling a wide variety of matters, including: civil, criminal, commercial, and administrative disputes. Some of our past experiences cover: general corporate matters, infrastructure development, public construction, real estate , intellectual property, employment, taxation, international trade, admiralty, insurance, aviation, negotiable instruments, securities, banking, finance, consumer protection, product liability, fair trade, and environmental protection.

Our professionals have extensive litigation experience, and aim to provide the highest quality comprehensive legal services.

In the field of criminal defense litigation, we have repeatedly and successfully defended the innocence of our clients, as well as zealously protected their rights. This is especially so in white-collar cases, including allegations concerning financial crimes, corruption, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and intellectual property infringement.

In the field of arbitration, our team includes seasoned professionals from both sides.  Our team includes registered arbitrators with extensive experience serving on various arbitration tribunals, and arbitration advocates who represented clients in some of the highest-profile disputes both domestically and internationally.

Our frequent dealings with government procurement cases also conferred to us a distinct advantage in providing related mediation consultations.


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